Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Events

After losing a loved one, facing those special occasions is a very difficult time. So many memories tied up with

Valentines day with presentations of the card and flowers or candy and loving kisses...

Christmas and the memories of family gathered around the tree

Thanksgiving and the head of the house carving the turkey with everyone waiting and watching, tummys growling.

and many other holidays.

I had my first encounter with a 'first event' just this past Tuesday. It was Elbert's 81st birthday. 

This Feb. 8th I was alone. My sweetheart was not celebrating a birthday this year.

I was with two daughters, Shirley and Susan and Susan's 3 year old, Tighe. We were in Baltimore for a couple of days and that was good. I had family around me and we stayed on the go all day on the 8th. Then night fell and I was lying on Tighe's bed while the girls were doing various chores around the hotel room. The sadness enveloped me and Susan sat down beside me and put her arms around me. 'Grandmother is sad' she told Tighe and he came and hugged me. Of course, that completely did away with any holding back of tears.

Susan asked me 'you want to be left alone, Mom, or do you want all of us to pile in on you' and before I could answer all three of them jumped on top of me, hugging and kissing and laughing and teasing. Yes, I will get through all those first events.... because I have such a special, loving family.