Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lazy Saturday

He was sitting in a wing chair, his head back, fast asleep. 
I walked up to him and put my face in front of his.
'Hello' I said
He opened his eyes, smiled and said 'Hi'

We sat side by side.
'It's Saturday' he says
'October the 3rd'.
Wow, I'm really impressed but then I see that he is reading the poster they change daily to announce to the residents what day it is. It gives the date, the day of the week and what the weather is, rain or sunny. Today is sunny. At least he can read. That's good. 

We chat a bit. A DVD of Ozzie and Harriett is playing but he's not interested. The aide brings cold water to drink and later a small cup of ice cream. I find a kleenex in my purse to wipe up the chocolate drips on his shirt and pants. He dozes off. I wake him to tell him I am leaving, again my face right in front of his.
'I'm going now,' I say.
'Bye' he says and adds 'where are you going?'  I say I have errands to run. As I leave I look back to see him fast asleep once more.