Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whistle a Happy Tune

The other day when I was posting about Elbert whistling all the time I knew that I did not have a picture of him in the act. But, lo and behold, while I was scanning some photos for daughter Shirley I found one. Just had to share. This was taken at our 50th wedding anniversary celebration.... Shirley was dancing with her Dad while he whistled the tune to her. Precious memories. 


Susannah said... wonderful! You have so many memorable pictures. Elbert and Shirley are having fun in this one. The grandkids must love seeing these.


Dolores said...

Oh Latane..... you can't get any better than this........precious memories!!!!

I feel a part of your beautiful family.....and .... I'm so thankful for our connection. I wish it wasn't an Alzheimer's connection.... but ... God is good, and HE knows what we need....Blessings to you!

Pamela said...

I just popped in from Far Side's side bar.

We are dealing with my husbands 60 year old sis. Early onset. She started showing signs at age 52.
My husband is her guardian - and we have taken on responsibility for her prescriptions, doctors appointments, finances, etc. Big sigh at this point in conversation.

I will be back.

Donna said...

What a Sweet photo! A wonderful memory!
Sweet day to you!!

Gilda Spitz said...

Hi Latane. I'm back home after my two-week vacation, and just catching up on all my mail, email, and blogs. I was a little nervous about reading your blog, because I was afraid I might see bad news. So imagine my delight in seeing your last few wonderful and inspiring stories about Elbert. I'm so pleased and happy for you!