Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Visit

Daughter Susan came down for a visit bringing our two grandsons, Griffin and Tighe. It had been too long since they had been for a visit. This visit for Griffin, I think, was a bit of a shock to see his Grandpa not even conversive. I felt badly for him, he so idolizes his Grandpa, says Grandpa is his hero. 

When we arrived we found Elbert sitting on the sofa in the living room area with his arm around Louise and she's fast asleep. Elbert wasn't much better. I wondered how it affected Griffin (and Susan) to see their Dad/Granddad with his arm around another woman but I never asked. I thought it best be left alone. 

We started to walk Elbert into the dining room so we all could sit at a table and visit. It was too close to dinnertime to take him all the way down to his room and back again. Well, he couldn't make but one or two steps and began falling. Thank goodness big strong grandson Griffin was there.... So, out came the wheelchair for Elbert. I found out that he had fallen twice already yesterday. 

I am worried about how much longer they are going to deal with the falling. It's so frequent. And, one of these days he is going to break a bone ... or two or even more. 

Elbert was a little more responsive once we got to the table. He didn't say much but did toss a ball back and forth with the grandchildren. And, arm-wrestled with Griffin. Griffin let his Granddad win.... twice. Good thinking, Griffin!! 

It was getting close to dinnertime and residents started wandering in. One sat down next to Tighe who happened to be playing with 'Cranky' a crane in the Thomas the Train set. 

She asked him what it was and Tighe, who is 2 1/2 said, 'it's Cranky'.  'Oh', she said, 'Tracy'. 'No, Cranky', Tighe corrects her. and she says 'Tracy' .... this goes on for awhile and Tighe is getting a bit ticked that this woman keeps calling his toy Tracy so he corrects her again. He's never ugly about it but just keeps up the No, Cranky response. She never got it!! It actually was funny. We were laughing at the two of them, one old lady and a little toddler arguing over a toy.


Peggy said...

Hi Latane, its worrying about the falling and I hope Elbert does not do himself an injury.It was good for you to see the younger children spending time with their Grandad even though they may find it hard to understand the change in him.

karen said...

I am sorry Elbert is falling so much. But so happy the grandkids got to see him. My son just totally does not have anything to do with mom anymore. It was hard on him at first but he has been with her the whole time and now he has just gave up on her. I hate it but it is how he deals with her. He used to be ashamed to bring his friends over but now they come and go . With no notice of her. Good I guess. I do hope your grandkids get to come back often.

Dolores said...

Oh Latane, .....This awful disease keeps us off balance almost hourly, doesn't it? Just when they're doing fairly well, things change. Hoping Elbert doesn't fall and break a bone.

The visit for Griffin and Susan must have been difficult for them, seeing the changes in Elbert. Bless their hearts!

I sure wish we weren't traveling this Alzheimer's journey.

Tighe sounds adorable. Among the sad times, these precious children add so much joy to our lives.

Hugs and prayers to you,

Linda J. said...

I think of you and your family every day. My older daughter was her Granny's favorite and first grandchild. She had a bad experience while visiting my mom with me one day. Visits were never good for her after that.

I am sorry to hear about Elbert's falls. My mom quickly became wheelchair bound after entering the facility. The took the foot rests off and she used her feet to "walk" in the wheel chair. She said she was "riding around." that is what we called cruising when I was a teenager.

Susannah said...

I am sorry for Griffin and how he must have felt seeing his Grandfather. It made me feel so bad for him just reading your post.

I think Elbert looks pretty good, Latane. I hope he never has a bad fall. The worries never leave you, do they?

I wish I could have seen you and Griffin "be-bopping" to the music. We need to stay "young at heart", don't we?

Have a good week and a wonderful weekend.


Donna said...

Bless Griffin's heart! It must be SO hard for him to watch.
Bless All of you and am sending prayers...

JUST A MOM said...

I think it is so hard on the younger kids to see grandparents liek that.. Question,,, DID they NOT call you to tell you about his fall? And there is these things called HIPSTERS!!! They are football players shoulder pads for old peopels hips!!!! 90% less breakage when they fall!!!!! bout $40.00 a pair WELL WORTH IT! Everybody uses them at my work.

Have a great week.