Thursday, August 26, 2010

Days Past

It's years and years and years since the Korean War. To think about that makes me feel so old. To tell the truth Elbert and I are in our sunset years. Back then we were young and foolish and in love.......and apart. 

Elbert was a radioman aboard a ship 
and it was his job (along with the other radiomen) to take and receive messages in teletype or morse code. 
Sometimes the guys took a break
(look at the mustache on that handsome face. Only time he ever grew one)

And once Elbert got caught napping. (he wasn't on duty so he didn't get in trouble)
Until recently that man could still send morse code messages.... dit, dit, dot, dit. Even with his mind wrapped tightly with Alzheimers he remembered those codes. How strangely the brain gets tangled, all twisted and warped and then suddenly a light flickers for just a moment.... and his hand goes out to touch the key again  dit, dit, dot, dit. 


Gilda Spitz said...

Great photos! When we're dealing with Alzheimer's, which strikes the elderly for the most part, it's nice to remember that our loved ones were young once. Hope Elbert is holding his own these days.


Dolores said...

What would we do without these priceless pictures that bring back such wonderful memories..........

Elbert hasn't changed in looks, very handsome and just a tad older. These are wonderful pictures, Latane.

The brain is so mysterious.... and then with Alzheimer's, it becomes even more so.....

Keeping you all in my prayers.

Chris said...

Such a wonderful and moving entry Latane

Those photographs convey that wonderful vibrant energy and 'wholeness' of times past...but you conveyed so movingly also that loving 'transmission' of communication which is so vital and powerful now in very different circumstances ...Hugs and best wishes Chris UK

JUST A MOM said...

ODD the things they CAN remember to do,,, have a good weekend