Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Beginnings

Elbert and I welcomed our second great-grandson into this world on Monday afternoon. A new beginning. He is so adorable. Of course, all great grandmothers would say that their little greats are the most beautiful babies ever. But, I sort of think you will forgive me for saying that Vann is just the most beautiful baby.

Following a month of Elbert's terrible illness and us nearly losing him here's comes little Vann and there is once again hope and love abounding in this family. Kenny, Bethany and Vann are home from the hospital now setting off on a journey of their own.

And, I am happy to report there is a new beginning for us older folks, too. Elbert is making some slow recovery but he is anxious to get out of that wheelchair so they asked yesterday if I would agree to their starting some physical therapy with him. Of course, I said yes.

My visit yesterday was really good. I wheeled him into a large tv, sitting room and we did manage to visit there for a few minutes then the room started filling up with residents. The activity director told me there was another smaller, very quiet living room down the hall and so we went there and talked some, he napped some and I even dragged out some embordiery I had taken with me. It was kind of like being at home.

The nurse said that they have started calling Elbert 'Dr. Barton'. Why, I asked. 'Oh' she said. 'After lunch he gets restless to get out of the wheelchair so we just wheel him into the nurses station and park him at the desk. He's written quite a few 'orders' for the residents here' (grin)

And, that is where I left him yesterday, sitting at the nurses desk, shuffling papers around. (gee whiz, I wish I'd had my camera with me) Let's see... how long ago was the drs. telling us it wouldn't be long and to prepare ourselves. Amazing God, amazing Elbert.... well, I've always known that!!


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Wonderful how long you have had your husband beyond what was expected and that you both can enjoy a new edition to the family.

JUST A MOM said...

YAY for all the good news!

Linda J. said...

What a dear, sweet baby!

Peggy said...

Hi Latane, congratulations on being a Great Grandma! Your life is certainly a merry go round of highs and lows lately but its all good at the moment and I hope it continues that way for yourself and Elbert and the family

Dolores said...

I agree, Vann is a beautiful baby (big too), and beautiful family.

It's so wonderful how God gives us these wonderful times of celebration along our journey.

I love the 'Dr Barton'....and it's so sweet of the staff to let him spend some time at their desk...very thoughtful.

Latane, I'm so glad there are happier days for you!

Gilda Spitz said...

What wonderful happy news! I'm so delighted for you. Congratulations on the new great-grandson!

Susannah said...

Congratulations! What a dear sweet baby boy!