Thursday, March 11, 2010


Is Spring really here? It was such a gorgeous day yesterday and as I sat visiting with Elbert I wondered if he missed getting out and digging in the garden and flower beds. I wanted to take him for a drive but it's been quite awhile since he has noticed anything as we drove along the roadside. That's so sad. He did so love the out-of-doors. He'd head out first thing in the morning and I'd scarcely see him until it got too dark for him to see anything. Those days are over.

Yesterday I asked him if he remembered plowing an old mule one time and although he nodded I doubt that he does. We'd moved to the country and he wanted a big corn field. He got it planted with his tractor but when the corn grew tall he thought he needed to plow between the rows (why I don't know). We had an old plow but no horse or mule to pull it with. So, he borrowed a mule from his cousin.

Now, mules are stubborn, that is true, but this one had a double dose of stubbornness. Elbert fought that mule to keep it under subjection and he was totally worn out long before he'd finished plowing that patch. The mule would take one step, stop, turn his head to eat a corn stalk on his right, take another step, stop, turn his head to eat a corn stalk on his left. I am surprised we had any corn left after all that. It was the last time Elbert used a mule for anything.... and the last big corn patch we had. 

Just remembering things like that is painful to me. It brings tears to my eyes but it's all I have of Elbert. 


Helen said...

You have brought back memories of all the drive excursions I had with Mother. Though she too probably didn't register what we were passing, the drive itself always calmed her somehow.

Dolores said...

Oh, aren't we thankful for precious memories and pictures.

The weather is gorgeous here too, and I'm enjoying it so much. David is enjoying sitting on our patio. He was like Elbert, always busy doing something, and now he sits or sweeps, and I'm so thankful he likes to sweep.

I love the mule story. They can be very stubborn..... mules and men.Ha!

You're my inspiration...hang in there!

Peggy said...

Hi Latane, I hope that memory made you smile because the good memories are all we should hold on to.
Enjoy the visit just sitting out in the spring sunshine if you cannot go for a drive.
take care

Anonymous said...
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Happy@Home said...

Well, now I know that what they say about mules being stubborn is really true.
I'm glad you have happy memories to look back on, but I also understand how sad they can be.