Saturday, March 6, 2010

A good day

Elbert and I spend some time yesterday looking at 80 plus photos taken in 2005 that I had finally had developed at Rite Aid. He was alert, enjoyed looking at the pictures, turned them over to see if I had written on the back of each one. He always seemed to recognize himself in the image, but not others. Oh well, I had fun pointing out different ones of the family and remembering better times. 

A couple days ago I had a call from the Dr. that sees the residents at Magnolia once a week. He's trying to figure out how to keep Elbert from falling. Change in meds? Trying to keep him awake during the day (yeah, you try that. ha) And, he said that he thought Elbert would be better supervised in the 'nursing home' side. That really took me by surprise and pretty much upset me. 

So, I dropped into the head nurses office as I left yesterday. They assured me that it was just the Dr. thinking aloud about what it might take to protect Elbert from being hurt. And, that they had never discussed his falling being a problem or that he might need extra care. They reminded me that even though there is less staff at Magnolia there also are less residents and less residents that require constant care in the nursing home setting, so that Elbert is fine right where he is. Wow, that's a relief. That Dr. needed to have put his thoughts into different words. I was worried that the next step (that of having to move Elbert into a nursing home) was imminent. Now, I can relax and enjoy those good days that we have on occassion.

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Dolores said...

Oh Latane, I can only imagine how upset you were, on hearing the doctor's words. It sounds like the nursing care at Magnolia Manor is just what Elbert needs, and the nurses sound so understanding. I'm so glad they were reassuring to you....

I love looking at pictures, old ones and new ones! I've gotten where I get melancholy looking at the old ones, but I'm so glad to have them.
It's good to hear that you and Elbert had a good day yesterday looking at pictures.
Take care..