Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Handsome fellow

After days of my being at the beach and not seeing Elbert I did not know what I would find. But, there he was sitting in his rocking chair watching Bonanza on tv.

I did not have my camera and here was this handsome guy just needing his picture taken. He had on kaiki pants, a light blue shirt and a knitted dark blue vest. Hair combed, looking good. His eyes were brighter than I'd seen them in awhile and he did talk some. 

Lordy, did he talk....
Getting out of his chair 'I gotta change my pants'
'Why' I ask
'Gotta go met the guys'
'Out in the wild woods'

Oh, he thinks he's going hunting. In the wild woods? Wonder what it was that those guys did in years past in the wild woods!! hmmmm  


Christine said...

No camera at the ready but your words painted such a colourful handsome picture, Latane,not just of the moment but of the energies and excitements of past times you saw and recognised in Egbert's eyes.Wonderful.

So glad for you that there was no cause for concern on your return from your family break.You must have been relieved.


Dolores said...

Christine took the words out of my mouth, or should I say fingers, as they type. You painted a sweet and lovely picture of your handsome Elbert.

Hoping you had a wonderful and relaxing visit. And it's so good to hear that Elbert is well cared for.

Helen said...

So touching to read your post .... and there are really no words to describe all of the emotions you are experiencing. Elbert is quite lucky to have you ~ and you are lucky to have him.

Peggy said...

Hi Latane, I have read the two posts together.They are so different, I hope the depression is just a fleeting thing.I know Sundays can have that long day feeling especially when it is grey and overcast.
I also love the picture you paint of Elbert and can see the great relationship you had.
Take care

karen said...

So glad you had a wonderful visit.Sounds like Elbert had a good day. I want to see pictures from the beach. Hope you had your camera with you than. I love the beach.

JUST A MOM said...

Hi nice to meet you. I am a caregiver in the AD field. I have worked with many loved people over the last 2 years. I LOVE my job. Just thought I would let ya know I am here to read and learn and ADMIRE those who write about their days with this ugly thing called Alzhiemers/Dementia