Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being Sneaky Doesn't Pay

The night before Elbert's 79th birthday was a pain in the .... I'd put him to bed and he'd get up. I'd put him there again and up he'd get. Finally he asked me to sleep with him so I crawled into bed hoping this would put him to sleep. ha ha.

That man didn't care if he had a bed buddy or not. He was not going to sleep. So, I got up and got him a drink of water and handed him a tylenol p.m. That ought to do it. I placed the pill in his hand and he put it in his mouth, drank some water and I started to get back to bed. Instinct is a wonderful thing. Something just didn't seem right. I noticed his hand was closed into a fist so I eased it open and there lay that pill.

'You didn't take your pill', I scolded.

'And I don't aim to' he retorted.

'It's Your heart medicine, ' I lied.

The lie did nothing (they never do) and all the pleading was futile.

So, I took the tylenol p.m. myself and fell asleep.

I had no idea when he went to sleep but when I awoke at 7:30 a.m. he was wandering around. Luckily we have door alarms. No escaping without me knowing. Aren't we lucky that there are such things as door alarms.... and pills to make you sleep?


Susannah said...

I loved how you told this story. Made me giggle!

Kim said...

Such a funny story.

Peggy said...

Hi Latane,you do tell a good story with very human feelings! I am sure everyone who follows this blog empathises with you. I read the previous posts and felt so overwhelmed by your sadness, your blog is about how you feel on any given day and how you are coping with the problems life has thrown at you.In doing so I know from reading the comments you reach out to other people who are, or have been in the same situation. You have left them know they were not either alone or wrong in feeling lost and confused.Your blogs are always interesting and informative so dont change them. please!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Latane...
As someone who could never lie well or keep a straight face when I was I have learned that little white lies are sometimes the only way to get things done. It pains me to know that, I could never outright "lie" to either mom or dad so I prefer to think of it as "creative conversation".
It makes me sad sometimes when I have to tell them something I know not to be true but part of this journey is keeping them with me as long as I possibly can and if that means I have to lie sometimes then I am going to do it.
Everyday you continue to be an inspiration to me and that's no lie!!!!!