Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dark Days of Winter

Several people have mentioned to me that I am awfully quiet lately. I know that. I've never been a 'chatty' person (well, I have my moments. ha) but nowadays I am withdrawn and silent. For one thing... there is nothing to talk about. Nothing going on in my life worth saying. My Mother always said if you didn't have anything good to say then don't.

So many people that we know are being moved to nursing homes or dying. It sure makes you stop and think about what might lie ahead for us. Age is creeping up faster and faster and I just think that we are on a merry go round that has lost control. Our friends Dick and Patsy moved into an assisted living home. Other friends Tour and John moved into one, as well. Elbert's old morning coffee buddy is moving into a Masonic Home. It's depressing.

Elbert's really been out of it most of the time lately and sleeping a lot. Day after day I don't see a soul or talk to anyone. Now, don't get me wrong. I have always cherished my 'alone' time but this is not 'alone' time. My every waking moment my thoughts and actions are on Elbert.

So, I have a new project. I am going to work on being friendlier and chatty, make sure I have things to say. I need to be sure I don't lose myself. I need to be interesting enough to others so that I am not completely shut off.

Let's see... I'll get the calendar out and chose some activities to put on it. Tomorrow will be a better day.


Martha said...

You talk to us, out here in the blogging world. What you have to say is thoughtful and useful. For those dealing with issues of an aging loved one, it helps them know they are not alone. For those, like me, who are wondering what the future will bring, it help me believe that what ever lies ahead, I can deal with it. Hang in there, we're all rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

My dearest Latane
You are never alone - we are all here with you. Every step you take, we take with you and if you want to talk, talk to us. We will always listen.
It may seem like you are alone, but you aren't. You taught me that...

Quilt Hollow said... have touched my soul more than you will ever know.

W. Latane Barton said...

This morning I sat here in front of my computer with tears flowing down my cheeks. You three women have cheered my dark days and make me feel your love over the miles. I can not ever thank you enough.

Jenn Jilks said...

Make sure you get some time for yourself. Do you have a spiritual advisor or group that would give you some support? Lots of groups in Canada, like Hospices, or the Alzeimer Society provide free help.

Kim said...

Good morning, Latane. I can only echo what has already been said here. I want to hear more of your thoughts. You have such a good heart and insight that is most certainly that which needs to be shared. I shared something that you wrote recently on my blog. I hope you will come see me at Stillmeadow Quilting

Kaaren said...

Hi Latane,

Blogging has made the world a much smaller place but it is filled with people with giant hearts. I know that you are one of them.

I lost mt Dad to Alzheimers, so I can relate somewhat to what you are experiencing. Please know that you are not alone. There are many of us who care. Even though our hands have never touched, our hearts have and a connection has been made.

Please stop by to say hello and know that I perrsonally will always be there to lend you an ear and have a BIG internet hug for you.

God bless.

Susannah said...

Lantane, I think you are just a sweetheart and I admire you so much. You are a great writer also. Please...keep writing! You have so much spirit inside of you can tell from your writing. You and your hubby are still in my prayers. If I lived near you, I would comne right over and we could have a big chat. Keep your chin up.


Tattyanne said...

Latane, (________) hugs and XXXXXXXkisses for you and Elbert. Tatty