Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Different worlds

Had my checkup. The yearly physical thing and I was so pleased. Seems like I am doing very well for all my 75 years. I am very happy about that.

On the other hand, Elbert is in a different situation. That stinking old Alzheimers just makes his life (and mine) so miserable. Lately life is full of ups and downs. I am going up while he is going down. Guess it's best that way. We have our sad moments and we have moments I just laugh because they are so funny.

One day Elbert said very matter of factly.

'Calijah got away before he could tell me where my bed is'.

I didn't say a word. I didn't know whether to laugh or try to correct him or just burst out in the Hank Williams song.

In a few minutes he said,

'You know Calijah fell in love with that Indian maid down at the antique store'. Like he was talking about someone we knew. I grinned. It was real to him, not a song so I just let it go.

Later he said, 'I wish my wife would come by and get me' so I asked if he wanted me to call her and he said, 'yes'. Okay. So, I put a call into myself.... sort of. It's fun playing two roles.... the wife and a girlfriend. Get to have my way both ways.


Kim said...

I suspect that when living with a person who has Alzheimer's is very much like you say - living with a spouse and an acquaintance - I think you stumbled on another catch phrase.

Linda said...

Hi I just came upon your blog after visiting Kim, I also have a sister with Demencia, I guess this is the first phase of Alzheimers. She lives 3 hours away and I am her power of attorney so I keep an eye on her expenses. and her health. She is not at the point yet that she requires at home help. She takes pills on a regular basis to help with the memory. She is in her 71st year. I have friends that keep a look on her. I find it very hard sometimes, I can't imagin how you cope.

Linda J. said...

This reminds me of somthing my husband's aunt said to her daughter one day. Speaking about her husband of 55+ years, she said, "that old man is nice, but I sure wish he would go home!" I cried over many events during the caregiving of my mother, but thank goodness, I was able to laugh over many of them, too.