Monday, May 25, 2009

Sitter is back - May 2009

Lordy mercy.... I can't believe it. Things just never stay the same around here. The sitter kept telling me she was very unhappy in her new job and she just up and quit so she's back with us. That means that I can go to the wedding.

So, here I am in Camden, S. C. It's May 9th. Most of my children are here, part of the grandchildren. It's a grand feeling, us all together. I am in a hotel room with my youngest daughter, Susan. After the rehearsal dinner was over I announced that anyone that wanted to was welcome to congregate in my room. Some came and we stayed up until 1 p.m. That was when they left, then it took awhile to get to bed and asleep. I didn't care, I was one happy dude.

The day of the wedding we just lolly-gagged around, stopping by the historic courthouse where the wedding and reception would be held. Middle daughter Shirley (she is the mother of the groom) was busy at work in the courthouse catering room getting the wedding cake all decorated. Nieces came in from Tennessee. When Shirley had finished the cake we all went to the neatest restaurant called Carolina and a nice lunch to the live music of a sax player.

The ceremony was really sweet. I had on a pretty pink linen dress and that made me feel good. Geez, I need to lose some weight. Saw the pictures !!! The reception was a lot of fun. We danced to a DJ until 11 p.m. so once again it was after midnight when I got to bed. This is going to catch up with me, I can just feel it.I'd checked home to see how Elbert was doing. Tammie had never spent the night with him before and after I got home she told me it gave her a real appreciation for what I do all the time. So, I had three days and two nights of relaxed, enjoyable time with family and friends. Then back home we headed!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got to go Latane. I am gearing up for my trip too !!!

You look awesome in "pink" and the pics are beautiful. What a lovely looking couple. I wish them many many years of happiness.

I laughed when you said that Tammie now has a better appreciation of what you go through. LOL. If only I could convince my brothers...oh well some things are just not meant to be.

Take Care
Love Nancy
P.S. Forget about losing weight - it is so over rated!! LOL

Susannah said...

I am so glad that your sitter is back! Hooray!! It will be good for both you and Elbert. Thank Heavens!

You look so very pretty in the wedding pics. I love the pink. What a nice family you have. I do, too. Aren't we blessed?