Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keeping Track

I recently saw an article in the AARP Bulletin that made a ton of sense to me. Just wanted to share it with you.

You know that one of the problems of Alzheimers patients is that they wander off. All too well am I familiar with that scary scenario.. Elbert wandering down the street in his pajamas in the dead of night. We hear on the news about this one or that one who has not been found for days on end. Sometimes the outcome is devastating.

The article said that there is a new solution. It  is a locator shoe with a built-in Global Positioning System that makes it easier to track down the wanderer. Wow, their own GPS. Now, they are not going to be using it to figure where they are going but allows their caregivers to be alerted when the Alz. person wanders outside the designated area. So, you are tracking them, not them tracking their route.

This is long overdue. The shoes are expensive and I realized that not everyone can afford them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if an organization raised money to make these shoes available to everyone!! Wow. Sure would take a huge burden off the already overloaded caregiver.  I say to GTX Corporation.... thank you!!


Marie said...

Excellent idea, Mom! Wouldn't work for the middle of the night wander, though unless the patient always put their shoes on first. Still, a lot better idea than most!

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Good for AARP for once. We don't subscribe anymore to AARP.

Excuse me for sounding off.
AARP left me cold for several reasons I blogged about. Their covers are of young looking air-brushed movie stars, not real people. Once disgustingly they did feature how Alzheimer's patients had changed over the years; it was featured as photos taking advantage of these people, as an art form without comment about this horrible disease! Congress investigated how AARP's prescription and supplement memberships were racking in billions for them.

Thanks for continuing to have those of us with caregiving issues in your blog.