Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Good Day

I've had a couple of good days. Stayed busy... that seems to be the answer. So, you ask, what are you doing to keep you so busy ?

First of all, I went to a nearby Army base (Elbert was Navy but the Army recognizes us seagoing folks) to pick up my prescription and do a little shopping at the commissary. The military was such a huge part of my and Elbert's life and it just seems RIGHT to be driving down a base street at turtle pace and have to stop for troops in the crosswalk. Those guys look so young, so innocent, so.... how Elbert looked when we got married!!

It's a life I miss. Those were the good times when we were young and moving around from base to base with our little pascal of kiddies. Didn't know enough about the world to worry that much, just taking care of each other and loving every minute of it. We had five children, all born in different states.

the oldest (a girl) born in Alabama where I was waiting for Elbert to come back from Korea
the second (a boy) born in Florida. We also lost him there, at age 3 1/2 months.
the third (a girl) born in Seattle, Washington
the fourth (a boy) born in Honolulu, Hawaii
the fifth (a girl) born in Bainbridge, Maryland

Fast forward to the present....

Our third child now has grandchildren of her own and it was her first grandson who had a first birthday Tuesday and, of course, great-grandmother had to help him celebrate. I sat there looking at the generations gathered around the birthday boy (there were four generations present) and how I wished that Elbert could have been there. He was so crazy about the 'little ones'.

But, life marches on, the roller coaster is climbing toward the pinnacle ... I hope to keep it there by remaining focused on the good in my life, the memories of the past and making memories of life as I know it now.

It's okay to be sad and wish for happier times. I tell myself that all the time. I do know, also that sadness can't take over your life and cloud your willingness to live in the today that you have.  Count your blessings. I did have Elbert for 60 precious years. That's a huge blessing in itself.


Dolores said...

Isn't life amazing, how we can feel so low one day and so much better the next. Staying busy sure helps to lift the spirits

I love reading about your family life. It's so nice that you live close enough to a base to do some shopping and having those sweet memories come back.....

I'm sorry to hear about the baby you lost at 31/2 months...
There's so much sadness in life, but also, so many joys.
You have a wonderful family and sweet memories.

Chris said...

Dear Latane,
I have always loved yor narrative of early lives, loved together ,endured together..truly unique, a sense of pioneering energy ,but humanely ,lovingly spoken of, shared freely, generously with those who can hear received world wide and truly uplifting so thank you and know your dear Elbert's memory lives staunchly on with your loving energy.Love Chris

Jenn Jilks said...

You are a wonderful woman. I am so happy to know you.

Living on Less Money said...

I realized this past month that this season of life has left me with little to look forward to ... except heaven. Maybe that is the way it's supposed to be.

I'm encouraged to read that you are looking for the good in each day. Bless you!

Susannah said...

Hi Latane...I sincerely hope that you continue to bring all of your memories to us. They are delightful to read. You are a wonderful and amazing lady!