Friday, September 23, 2011

A Bag of Taters Goes a Long Way

As I have been quite open about my struggle with indecisiveness, restlessness... and a bunch of other ness's, I have had some of you suggest that I start giving more than just sitting at home. I keep pretty busy with my little projects at home but I did take your advice.

I've always been involved in club work and in that way giving to others through the projects they would have. But, with caregiving you just can't give of yourself more than you have to give. With that phase of my life over I needed to find some way to get outside of myself, to give to others, to find a purpose.

What I'm getting at is .... now you got to realize that after years of Elbert wandering during the night and me not having a sound nights sleep for years I love to sleep in. Not bad late, just later than a lot of people. So, I got up at an early hour yesterday morning. Before the alarm went off, I'll have you know. And, I went down to the Methodist church's House of Hope, a food bank ministry that they have. Food is obtained from a food bank in the nearest city and then distributed to those locals in need by the church women.

First I was weighing potatoes. Three lbs. went into a plastic bag and each person would get one bag of potatoes.

Then I put a frozen chicken in with the bag of potatoes.

It was a hot muggy day with no air in the building and my friend, that was doing chicken with me, and I just wanted to crawl right into that freezer. It felt so good every time we opened the lid.

We were finished by noon and I walked out of there feeling really good about helping others and doing something worthwhile. So, you girls that suggested I volunteer were right!! Thank you for the encouragement.

I feel very blessed today that I have people who encourage me, to stand by me, and I am thankful I am involved in a project that helps others.


Dolores said...

I'm proud of you!!!!

I really miss doing my volunteer work.... I know the time will come again....right now, I'm doing what I need to do at home, but I do know in the future.... I'll be there doing what needs to be done for others.

Love you!

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Good for you! Will this be a weekly activity?
Love the pictures you came up with and the freedom you feel to sleep in.

After my late husband died, I found that I needed someone to sit with in church and so I started inviting people over after church. Soon I realized that this put a lot of burden on my entertaining others and stopped. I was teaching full-time, and so didn't have the tme to volunteer, other than that entertaining. I should have just said to people, can you go out to eat with me, because that was a struggle after he died.

However, people who read your blog need to entertain you too. Don't worry if they don't--people are so busy these days. And you have it solved with you gift of time to volunteer.

You are in inspiration.

Marie (once The Tile Lady) said...

I am very happy you decided to do this Mom! I know it will give you a great sense of satisfaction. Great going!