Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cool Memories

As I was driving to the nursing home yesterday my mind wandered back to other long ago Fall days when the air was crisp and the sun was lemon yellow. I recalled a special time with my Mother, who has been gone since 1996. Elbert loved my Mom and the feeling was mutual. She lived across the driveway from us in her mobile home (so I could keep an eye on her) and Elbert looked after her just like I did.

It was cool that day, the leaves had turned and Elbert knew that Mom would enjoy a brief trip down to the pasture. The grazing land was edged with maple, oak, dogwood, sourwood, everything to make some beautiful colors that time of the year.

'Let's take your Mom for a spin'. he said

So, we put her in the truck, he opened the pasture gate and away we went, bumpy, bumpy. The cows were used to him feeding them hay from the back of the truck so naturally they all came running. Elbert rode as close to the trees as he could and then he took off across the pasture. He knew where a persimmon tree was

and since we'd had a frost the persimmons ought to be good and sweet. Mom was delighted to see the heavily loaded tree and she got out and ate just about as many as a possum would!!

That's just the sweet, kind-hearted kind of man Elbert was. Special times indeed. I don't see that side of his personality now. He's struggling to stay Elbert but it sure is hard. Yesterday, he was very unfocused. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

Gee, I wonder if that persimmon tree is still down in what used to be our pasture?


Gilda Spitz said...

Latane, this was a wonderfully descriptive and nostalgic story, and the photos illustrated an earlier, happier time. Thanks for telling such a lovely story!


Dolores said...

Oh..... how sweet! A man whose good to his mother in law, is a very special man indeed.
Those are the sweetest pictures.... aren't you glad you have them.

Isn't it amazing how a person with Alzheimer's can change so drastically from one day/hour/minute to the next.... I think that's one of the hardest things in care giving....we never know.
Thanks for sharing.

Peggy said...

Hi Latane, a lovely story and you have such a store of happy memories to get you through this tough time.