Sunday, August 8, 2010


This Alzheimers is something I just can't figure out. After the last post (with his kidneys not working properly and being told they were beginning to shut down) I asked that Elbert be put on 'comfort care'. He was moved to another part of the hospital and all ivs and meds taken away except fluids with a small amount of glucose. I was satisfied, especially so after the dr. agreed wholeheartly, that it was the right thing to do. 

And, then.... God does perform miracles. His kidneys started with more output, his oxygen level got near normal and he started talking our ears off. And, what he said made sense. And, this from a man who had not communicated with us for months. We just had the best time yesterday. 

When asked what football team he would root for ... his emphatic answer was 'Bama'. He talked about a pretty girl and when I asked if that was his wife he said, 'NO, it wasn't her'. hehe. He mentioned the county we used to live in, the town, our community and two cousins. He counted something in the air (make-believe) and once said something about something to see. I asked 'what' and he said, 'you know, S-E-E. Once he had my hand and started pulling it to his face. I asked, 'Are you going to kiss me' and he said, 'yes, if I could' so I bent down and we kissed. I was just amazed, excited and enjoying every minute yesterday. Finally late afternoon he dozed off. Worn out I guess.

Prayers were answered and I appreciate all of you and your loving care so much. God bless each and every  one of you.


Dolores said...

Oh Latane, ....What surprising and amazingly wonderful news. God is good!!!!
The Alzheimer journey is like riding a roller coaster, with our up and down of emotions, but oh how we love those good times......
I'm so happy for you, Elbert and your family....praying for more good days.

JUST A MOM said...


Gilda Spitz said...

What an amazing turn of events! Latane, this was wonderful.