Friday, June 25, 2010

Whistle a Happy Tune

Did you ever turn on the tv and hear Andy Griffith whistling as he and Opie headed down to the fishing hole? You can still see those programs on one of the cable channels. Sometimes when I am sitting with Elbert I turn it on just to recall happier times. 

After Elbert retired from his job teaching in 1990 he took up the habit of whistling everywhere he went. He was just such a happy person, always satisfied with what life had to dish out and he expressed that by whistling. I knew the minute he walked in the back door. I could hear his whistling before I heard the door creak open. It was such a joyful sound. 

Then, one day the whistling stopped. He seems to have forgotten how to purse his lips to make a tune come out. Or perhaps he has forgotten the tunes altogether. Our world we live in is silent now and I miss that whistling husband a whole bunch.


Dolores said...

I love, love, love... the picture.... such a sweet and happy picture of Elbert!

I had to smile at the Andy Griffith song....this is the channel that I switch on for David. Sweet and simple shows are the only ones David can watch and enjoy....and yes.... Oh how we miss the parts that have stopped....

Gilda Spitz said...

Latane, I love the analogy of the whistling and the Andy Griffith show as a symbol of happier times with Elbert. I even thought, for a split second, that Elbert looks a bit like a young Andy. So if watching the show brings you some happy memories of happier times, I think that's terrific!


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