Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'll do it myself

I sure miss Elbert's positive nature, his whistling, his happiness at nothing and everything, his love and caring. I sure miss a lot of things. Besides all those 'nice' things that he was, I miss all those little jobs he did for us like

Taking the garbage out
Getting our taxes done
Making us a garden so we'd have veggies to eat
Taking the car to be serviced and gassed up
Mowing the lawn
Digging holes for planting plants or for removing dead ones
Running to the store when I'd need something
Weeding my flower beds
Washing my dishes for me
Helping me with the driving on a long trip
Always getting our mail for us
Helping pay the bills
Washing the car
Raking leaves in the Fall
Bringing in all the Christmas decorations from the storage building
and much, much more

Now I do most of these chores by myself. The life of an Alzheimer's patients spouse is a lonely one, a sad one.


Other Mother said...

You will do these things by yourself, and God will give you the grace to do so. I pray for your lonely hours, though, and for happy memories to hold you through the difficult times.

karen said...

You are right it is lonely but remember to come to us when you need to talk . I have to do all these things to and I hate it.When you are taking out the trash just say to yourself Karen had to take her trash out today to . Man this sucks.

judi said...

Yep, we are here with you. Slinging trash and filing taxes.

Nancy said...

If wish you were my neighbor, I'd love to come help.
Thinking of you,

Nancy in MN

Dolores said...

Oh yes, I so agree with you!
We drove 1/2 way to Houston this past week to pick up a granddaughter, and oh how I missed David driving.
I'm so thankful for my computer that gives me the opportunity to share our experiences with one another....
Hugs to you Latane!