Saturday, July 18, 2009

It was a pretty morning, a bit muggy, maybe a chance of rain later in the afternoon. Sounded like a good day to visit Elbert so I headed over to Magnolia Manor.

I parked, gathered up my things (some wrapped candy for E., a couple more pair of socks, my quilting and my purse), pushed in the code and started down the hall of the Garden. I could see Elbert sitting at a table in the dining/tv room. A woman was sitting next to him.... and they were holding hands.
That just sort of puts a knot in your stomach but I knew it meant nothing so I smiled and said hello to them both. I sat down and started to chat, 'who's your friend?' I asked.  'I don't know', Elbert said. He had never turned loose of her hand. The music from the tv picked up tempo and he started moving their hands in time to the music. I had gotten out my camera and snapped a shot or two and that seemed to please Elbert. 'Back up a little', he suggested. 'Oh, you want me to take a picture of the two of you?' I asked. He nodded and pointed toward his friend. The scene was one of comfort, I think. The woman was in bad shape in her journey through Alzheimers and here my husband was, holding her hand so she wouldn't be alone or afraid. I wanted to cry, not for jealousy sake but for the memories of the man I had known over 60 years. That caring, loving, kind, gentle human being that I had fallen in love with still lived in the body taken over by this dread disease. I was so grateful that I could still get glimpses of who he was (and still is).


Jenn Jilks said...

Oh, Latane, what a hard road...

How difficult it is, this disease, for the person who has it, their family and friends.

My dad had dementia, from a brain tumour, but had no friends once he began to suffer from it.
It broke my heart.

Your husband is doing a good thing for this woman. You must be so proud of him and of yourself.

You are a beautiful person. I am so happy to read your posts. Big hugs.

Linda J. said...

Obviously from this photo, Elbert is a caring person and this lady, in my opinion, could use some company and attention.

Dolores said...

Oh Latane, ....... I've cried and cried .... looking at the sweet pictures and reading your post.

I understand completely what you say about not being jealous, but proud of your husband, for being a caring and loving person....... but still......this disease is such a 'thief'.....

Again I say, "you are such an inspiration to me."

My love to you,

The Tile Lady said...

You know what a sweet person and caring man he has always been! He still is.