Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun memories, then and now

I recently ran across a picture of Elbert, son in law John, grandson Chris and son Michael when they went white water rafting in the Smokey Mts. Elbert hadn't been too eager to join the other guys on this adventure but they insisted. It is difficult to capture a certain look sometimes with a camera but someone did it. There was Elbert with this happy, gleeful grin on his face, one I had seen over and over again during our years together. And, I started to cry. That one darn picture just made me sad the rest of my afternoon!!

One afternoon after supper Elbert was standing at the counter near the fridge. I needed to put his exelon patch on so I took the opportunity to take care of that little chore. I ran my hand down his shirt to attach the sticker and my hand must have been cold because he turned around and said, 'okay, you're next'. He opened the freezer door (he remember where the freezer was!!) and took out an ice cube and started for me with it and I started running with him close behind. He was going to put that ice cube down my blouse. I was squealing as I ran and soon son Michael came downstairs with a concerned look on his face... It had been years since his parents had acted in such a playful manner. At least in the worst of times we can find some moments of fun. I wouldn't trade that chase around the kitchen for the world.

(no pictures of this ha)


Jenn Jilks said...

There is a diamond, Latane. Look for the diamonds every day!

Susannah said...

How sweet for you and Elbert to have at least some fun times. That was endearing.

Martha Z said...

More good memories.

Peggy said...

Hi Latane, photos can recapture memories but the best ones are the ones you remember with a smile, you and Elbert had a good chuckle.
You made me smile just reading it!