Saturday, May 2, 2009

Entertainment from nature

Wintertime was dragging on. Too cold to take Elbert outside and he's not interesting in many activities anyway. However, he does love to watch the birds. We keep feed out for them year round just so we can enjoy them from our sunroom windows from January 1st to the following Dec. 31st. I would set Elbert's rocker in front of the windows and he'd sit there for hours. His eyesight isn't the best and I wonder sometimes just how much he does see but it is entertainment for him. With him occupied I can get a little work done.

Often I'd sit on the sofa and we'd name the different winged friends eating in our dogwood tree. The woodpecker loves the suet. The chickadees love the seeds best. We saw sparrows of all kinds, flickers, grackles, a nuthatch or two, and a ton of cardinals and so on. They were wonderful to watch. I am grateful that we have this glimpse of nature out our window to remind us that life goes on, big or little, great or small.


Peggy said...

Hi Latane, The new blog layout is lovely!The birds provide hours of interest for everyone but most of the time we do not take the time to just sit and watch.Elbert seems to enjoy it as you say, no matter what he is thinking about.The dull winter months do bring depression to some people especially if like you they are confined to staying indoors a lot.

Susannah said...

Lantane, I am thinking of you, as always. Sunshine will shine more as the days go on. I'm sure that is what you need.

Love the pictures of your interesting.

Kim said...

This is a pleasant way to pass time, admiring the birds and standing "look out" over the weather. I find bird watching to be rather hypnotic. My husband feeds all birds - a great show for the cats who perch in the window to watch the goings on. I've made it through winter, I don't care for the snow and cold - makes for long days and SAD comes calling. Thanks for sharing this photo of your hubby and his best friend who appears to be eager to help out with the lunch sandwich!