Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to the New Year - 2009

We saw the New Year in with a bang.... sort of.... Michael and I were both sick, feeling so miserable and Elbert would not settle down. He was going out the door regardless of what we did to detain him. Night was marching right along toward the bewitching hour of midnight and year # 2009. Michael finally gave up and put his Dad in the car and drove off. That had worked for me. I'd put the wanderer in the car, drive a few blocks, come back home and he'd be fine. However.......

Michael and his Dad were gone, and gone, and gone. I got uneasy. Michael's just moved here, unfamiliar with roads and here it is, New Years Eve and he's out wandering around. The phone rang, they were on their way home. Michael was just driving until he thought his Dad would settle down but Dad did not..... and even after they got home Elbert still did not want to go to bed and it was well after midnight.

When we managed to crawl out of bed the next day (Jan 1st) I cooked the traditional black-eyed peas but I had no greens of any kind and I sure wasn't going out to buy any. Eating some type of greens on New Years Day is supposed to give you good financial luck in the New Year. Heck, with the way the economy is going I don't expect eating a bunch of greens would help one bit.

Ever since Christmas Elbert has had some serious sundowning. That seems to be the worse part of his Alzheimers right now. You just can't reason with him, make him understand that people slow down when the sun sets. He just get more agitated, more restless. It's tough.

On January 6th we had the sitter with Elbert and the children took me out to celebrate my 75th birthday. Of course, it was a dark and drizzly day, what else is new. ha That is life at this point. But, I was determined to have a good time and we did.

I wanted to go to Capt. George's Seafood Restaurant in Williamsburg and we ate and ate and ate until we could eat no more. They have the most amazing buffet. It was an incredible birthday and so much fun. For awhile I forgot my trials at home and was surrounded by love and attention. I may be 75 but I feel that I have so much living ahead of me. I am ready to start!! So, here's to me and lots of living.


Susannah said...

You deserved every minute of joy that you had. Thank Heavens for your wonderful family.

Peggy said...

Hi Latane, I have not been online for a few days so just catching up on everything.You are looking good for 75!You deserved the award for all the things you did and continue to do as a matter of course without thinking about yourself.

Linda J. said...

I love the new look of your blog. You are a very special lady! You must take time for yourself whenever you can.