Thursday, April 9, 2009

Leaving by hook or by crook - Feb 2008

February 2008 ended on a very talkative note. Not that it made much sense but it was real to Elbert. Once he blurted out, 'Oh, I left Grandpa sitting in the truck'. I just let it slide by me. Then after he went to bed he called out for his brother (who by the way lives about 800 miles from us) so I asked him what he wanted with Bob and he said he needed Bob to bring him his medicine. I'd already given him his meds but somehow he connected his brother with medicine or the lack thereof.

In the afternoon he had been making preparations for us to leave the following morning.... by bus, no less, and was busy checking his wallet to see if he had enough money for a ticket. He still carries his wallet minus any important papers and with only a couple dollars in it. You can't take every bit of independence from them. He got up and went to the closet to get his clothes packed for the trip. I had one hard time getting him re-directed from that. He was so insistent. Maybe next month he will be much better. We can always hope, can't we?

I wish Elbert was more comfortable with being here at home with me but he is not convinced that he lives here and nothing I say can change that. How nice it would be to say, 'Honey, you and I live in this nice house together. Our family is nearby and we are so lucky'. But, that doesn't matter to him. He gets restless and wants to leave, however he can... be it by bus or walking or catching a ride. Be content, sweet hubby. So, we both can have peace.



Martha said...

There is nothing really I can say but I can listen. I can let you know I listen by commenting.

Peggy said...

Hi Latane, you are a very unselfish person, in the middle of your own troubles you can think of helping others .

Susannah said...

I wish we all could help you in some way but then it dawned on me that "listening" is probably the best way.

Your blog is definitely a great way for you to vent and a great way for all of us to understand Altzheimer's.

My heart goes out to you, Latane. I hope that you have a nice Easter...even if it is just trusting in the Lord. Easter blessings to your and your husband.

Linda J. said...

Attending an Alzheimer's support group meeting and sharing ideas with others in the same situation was so helpful to me during the cargiving of my mom. It was comforting to me to realize I was not the only one in this situation. My mom passed away in 1/07. Your blog continues to help me.

MOLLY said...

Latane--Read your entire blog last night. You see, my mother is in a similar situation. Her doctors told us in the beginning that they could not diagnose her as having Alzheimers, maybe dimentia, but she displays behavior so much like your husband. May dad has passed away so my sister and I have been dealing with this alone since about 2000. She has been on a medication called Aricept since then which the doctors say could be why she has not progressed as a typical Alzheimers patient. She is more with us some days than others. Just want you to know that reading your blog helped me to know what others are experiencing with this disease. Thank you and I am anxious to read more.