Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tammie had been working for us for three years and here it was May 24, 2008. Although we had chatted just between the two of us about Elbert's care I didn't feel that we had addressed some of the latest issues. So, I called a Caregiver meeting. Making sure everyone understands the problems and is working on solutions is vital in the caregiving. Daughter Shirley and Tammie join me at the dining room table and we shared our concerns and talked about how to handle those concerns.

We decided that we needed more flexibility in the hours that Tammie worked. I was having a hard time arranging appointments, shopping, meeting friends etc. on the hours she worked.

Shirley and I talked about carpooling more so that I will have 'company' and help when I am loaded down with bags of groceries and other purchases.

I needed more surveilance so that I have more freedom to move about the house.

Those issues addressed, I went about putting them into place. A new schedule was written out for Tammie's work hours. She was more than willing and it gave me piece of mind to know that I can take care of what I need to outside the home.

I bought a baby monitor and put the transmitter in the room where Elbert was and could take the receiver with me as I moved about the house. One morning when it was just too gorgeous to stay inside ... and Elbert was napping in his chair... I took the receiver outside with me and sat in the swing on the patio. I really enjoyed the fresh air, the quietness, the birds singing, the aloneness. And any noise that Elbert made would be transmitted to me.

Some time later Tammie brought over a small video camera and monitor. I could watch Elbert on the screen as I went about my chores. I felt a great sense of freedom and relief from the constant worry that I had been experiencing. Everybody needs burdens lifted from their shoulders and our little chat around the table that day had done just that for me.


Martha said...

I am amazed at how you and your familly have found solutions to problems as they arose. Some people would just give up.

Jenn Jilks said...

Phenomenal blog. I wish I had had it to read when my parents were so ill. ended up writing a blog & a book, though.

All the best/You sound like a phenomenal person.

Susannah said...

You took charge of the situation and with the help of others....made things work. You are so strong.

Lew said...

The constant attention is one of the hardest things of being the caregiver for one with Alzheimer's. It is critical that you find time to take care of yourself and Tammy sounds like wonderful help. You are really doing things right by tackling the new situations as they arrive. Your blog can be a great lesson for others!

Peggy said...

You are blessed to have Tammie and close family because you need to get on with the ordinary things in life and you never fail to adapt and find a way around the problems that constantly crop up.