Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's Sept 2006
Elbert has started what they call 'sundowning'.  He does well during the day but at night he has no clue where he is and often asks if we brought our toothbrushes when we came to 'this place' or he'll ask me where he is supposed to sleep. A talk with the children brings varied suggestions. I do mental exercises with him and one day I asked him to name all the birds he could think of. He named eight so I asked him if he could name a bird that did not fly. The old Elbert crept through for just a moment... he said, 'yes, a jailbird'. We got a big laugh out of that. He is still in there somewhere, in all that tangled mess in his brain. I am thankful we still see it ever once in awhile.

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serendopeity said...

I can so relate to your posts Latane. Mom has wandered away from the house only once and luckily enough my cousin saw her and brought her back safe and sound. I have wind mobiles at all the doors and the minute I hear one at night I am there in a flash. Sometimes she is up just walking around the house. The dog does a really good job of barking if she gets too close to the front door. I don't sleep hardly at all anymore. I am always listening for them and making sure they are sleeping. I am getting burned out, have a holiday planned for June. This is not the life envisioned myself having at 48 years old. I foolishly beleived that once I got past having cancer life would be easy. How wrong I was.