Sunday, August 12, 2012

A New Life

This blog has been closed for some time but as I have healed and grown in the past months, I have now decided to continue my writings in another blog. It's been a tough year and a half since Elbert's passing and I've learned a lot about grief, being a widow and wondering what life holds for me. I've missed all of you and have wondered how things are going in your journey with the care of your loved one. I'd be so thrilled if you'd come for a visit at my new blog.
It's a New Day, a New Life

Love you,


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David Tal said...

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Anonymous said...

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baili said...


baili said...

I am deeply strongly sorry for your loss my dear friend!

You are wonderful and strong person to come back to life and keeping yourself with strength of positivity!
Losing life partner is grief larger than life sometimes my friend but we all have gift of life remaining in our hands so while the sand is slipping we should fresh breath with sense of gratitude and gratefulness for what we have right now.
My heart is praying for you that may your wound heal soon and you live normal life again with healthy approach.

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