Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning about widowhood

One thing you can do on the computer is do research. Now, why in the world had I not delved into the world of 'widowhood' research that is available? I had looked up 'stages of grieving' and felt I had that memorized. Susan suggested that I explore further, so I have been typing and clicking and reading.

Somehow I had felt all alone in this being a widow thing. But, I found a ton of widows out there with lots to say. Shirley had told me (see the previous post) that I knew who I was, that I just needed to find purpose. Well, I discovered that a lot of widows were using that same phrase 'finding myself' and questioning 'Who am I?' So, I am not alone in my search.

 In fact........

In 2011, the year I lost Elbert, I was just one of nearly 700,000 wives who became widows. Just ONE!!

I decided to see what blogs I might find concerning widows. Typed in 'widows over 70' and got a ton of social security sites. Took care of that chore ages ago and my little check gets deposited and I spend it. So, I typed in 'widows on' and found some great sites. Looking forward to checking those out.

We all are different and our paths are not the same but I do wish there was a road map for this new 'widowhood' we gals have to go through. But, if we all stick together and let the Lord guide us, then we will be fine.


Marie said...

This was a great idea! I am glad you checked it out. Wow, so many widows last year! Hope you find some other sites that will be encouraging and uplifting to you. I pray for you every day Mom and my friends who are now widows, too.

Dolores said...

What a great idea to explore....... I would not have thought of doing this..... Makes me sad though, to think of so many widows.
Keeping you always in my thoughts and prayers.

rkbsnana said...

That is a lot of sad to think of that much loneliness. Glad you remain active. Thinking of you.