Friday, November 6, 2009


'We have to wait on them' he says as I put Elbert into the car. We are headed to the cardiologist but he thinks his 'family at the Manor' should go with us.

'No', I said. 'it's just me and you today. We are going to the doctor.'

'We are going off and leaving them' he says and his face is filled with trepidation.

His new friends and his surroundings at Magnolia Manor are his world now. Isn't it wonderful that he isn't stressed out about being there and that he loves and looks after his fellow residents. He's such a sweetie.


Dolores said...

Oh Latane, Elbert is a sweetie, and I'd bet he always was!!
What a wonderful blessing that he's happy and contented at Magnolia Manor.....( I just love that name).

I hope you're having a good day!

Jenn Jilks said...

Aren't our brains amazing?

He still has emotional attachments and concern for others.
You, obviously are a wonderful partner for him.
Big hugs.

Peggy said...

Well done Latane you accept his attachment to his friends in the Manor, he is happy and contented because you are happy and not stressed or stressing him.Your posts ,though so poignant always make me smile because you always look for the silver lining.