Friday, February 27, 2009


Susan flew down to help her Dad celebrate his 77th birthday (Feb. 8th 2007). All the girls were there. Michael was working in Canada and could not make it. But, we printed off a portrait of him to take along with us so his presence would be felt. We missed him so much and I know he would have loved to have been with us.

We drove over to Bone Fish Grill in Newport News. The girls were in a jolly mood, planning surprises, pulling jokes on each other. There was a lot of laughter. Elbert was happy to be in the midst of it all even though he could not comprehend a lot of what was going on. We propped Michael's picture up at the end of the table and we'd talk to him just like he was there in person. We didn't want him left out.

The food was incredible and as usual we ate too much. Elbert opened his presents and the waitress brought him a brownie topped with ice cream. It was huge so we all joined in the pleasure in demolishing the thing. We cut up all the way home and Elbert even made a couple of funny remarks. We are so grateful for any sign of the Old Elbert and we will take what we can get.


Julie Stinnett Farmer said...

That is a beautiful picture. Your children are beautiful as well. You have been very blessed.

The Tile Lady said...

It seems like just yesterday we went out to celebrate that birthday. But, in two years, taking him out for this past birthday was not possible. A lot has changed--the hard time getting more and more frequent. I'm grateful I can see him as much as I do, and be with Mom during this time too.

Peggy said...

It was a lovely family occasion especially as Elbert enjoyed it as best he could and it was support for you also.