Sunday, January 4, 2009


To mow or not to mow... that really isn't the question. You just can't let a place grow up in weeds and I've discovered that mowing the grass is beyond my and Elbert's physical capability. That was always Elbert's job before and now I am faced with the task. I go down to Lowe's and buy a self-propelled lawnmower. Surely I can manage something that is self-propelled. I get it cranked and I push it around the yard (or maybe it pulled me) but it was a lousy, exhausting job. Of course, Elbert wanted to help and he got behind the thing and that was even worse. We look like two small children with a king sized elephant running amuck through a jungle.

Elbert was totally out of breath the little that he tried. He kept running into things and knocking that plastic guard off the side and I'd have to put it back on. We really worked and when we got to the end of our rope.... only half the yard was done. Well, I guess buying that new mower was a waste of money!! Face it, you two are past your prime.

Besides everthing else we have to take care of, the yard is a real problem. How are we going to handle this? Hire someone to do the work? Let it grow up!! There's got to be a way.

In the evening Elbert and I go out at dusk to sit in the cool breeze and swing in our swing and watch the birds. There's one hummingbird feeder just over our heads in a small Japanese maple tree and they zoom just above us on their way in and out among the branches. If we chose we could probably reach out and touch them. The whirring of their tiny wings is very loud and sometimes we hear them chatter.

Then the lightning bugs come out and fly around us flashing their lights. We just sit and watch and listen. So... the yard is our serene little haven, a place to be peaceful and quiet, to enjoy what we have left of our lives. Everyone needs a retreat from the trials of this life and we definately do. It's one of the things that Elbert still enjoys.

We hear the sound of a big riding mower coming into the yard. It's son in law John. He has come to our rescue. Although we can no longer take on those chores that require more energy than we have, there are those who love and care for us to help us along the way. With John's help, we will be enjoying that swing, those birds, the captivating fireflies and the flowers for a long time yet.

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Peggy said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head Latane,not just in your situation but all of us as we get older need to accept help gracefully and gratefully, and to recognise it is offered with love by our children not (entirely) because they think we are old and past it!
Best wishes