Monday, December 15, 2008


I love to quilt, been doing it for years but now it is a real godsend providing me with a break from my daily routine with Elbert. A friend and I started getting together once a week and since Elbert could still be left alone I'd go over to her house.

By summer of 2004 I am facing my first knee replacement and dreading it for a number of reasons. Here I am, taking care of Elbert and the house (and everything else) and I realize that my recovery from the knee surgery would prevent me from being in charge of much of anything for quite some time. Elbert would be of no help and from past experiences I could bet on him making things more difficult than easier. It's not like he could help it, it was just what it was.  I had family coming to help out for awhile but they couldn't stay for weeks. What was I going to do?

One day I'm over at the friends house, my quilting project sort of dangling from one hand, my needle in the other and I am bemoaning my plight. She listened while I went on and on and finally when I paused to catch my breath she said, 'my neighbor's daughter may can help you out. Why don't I invite her over?'

Next quilt day in walks this little bitty woman no bigger than a 'broom straw'. I think to myself,
'There no way she can take care of Elbert'. You see, Elbert is over 6 feet tall and he is still pretty strong. Suppose he presents a problem that she can't handle. I have no idea what the future will bring but right now I need some help.  I had to trust in the opportunity that God had set before me and so I hired Tammie.

It's now four years later (2008) and Tammie has been a friend, a rock, a confidante, a nurse and my constant life line. She's just like family and most times I forget she's not. She loves us both and she dotes on Elbert. I know God sent her to us - because without her, I don't know how I could have made it through the tough times.


Linda said...

I'm so glad Tammie came into your life and into your family to help.

Mary said...

God bless wonderful people like Tammie! God bless you and Elbert, too!

Peggy said...

Hi latane,I am glad you have found a wonderfull friend in Tammie.